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Registration to the ZDHC Approved Solution Provider Platform

Thank you for your interest in registering to the ZDHC Solution Provider Platform. This is your first step of your journey in becoming one of our Approved Solution Providers. By entering information in this form, you are pre-registering your organisation to this platform. The acceptance of your pre-registration will be reviewed and approved by ZDHC.

Once your pre-registration is approved, you will gain access to the ZDHC Approved Solution Provider Platform, where you will be asked to furnish further information about your organisation.

Before you pre-register to this platform, have you checked with your team that your organisation has a pre-existing account? If so, we encourage you to ask your team to grant you access to this platform.

Registration of multiple users?

It is possible for your organisation to have multiple users accessing this platform. If your organisation is on the platform, please ask the primary user of the organisation to invite you to this platform.

However, if your organisation is not registered to this platform, please only register the primary user first. Once your pre-registration is approved, you will have the opportunity to invite other users to access this platform.

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